At Lighthouse Farm, John and Lisa Mesko’s main objectives are: © Sofia Hilder Photography

  • To raise the best quality, local food available for our community
  • To do our best to ensure that our farm is ecologically and economically flourishing
  • To be good stewards of this farm that our Creator has placed under our care

If you want to know your farmer, and we think you should, we invite you to become a part of our network of friends and customers.


Since John was a little tyke “farming” his boyhood farm with toy tractors, with the “real deal” as soon as he was old enough and beyond, he has been involved with agriculture. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy, and a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics with a Farm Management specialty from Purdue University. He is a former county extension agent and seed industry agronomist with over 20 years of experience in advising farmers and is currently the executive director of Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.

John has consulted with farmers in the US and in Russia regarding sustainable agriculture practices. He has also had many speaking opportunities to advance the cause of sustainable farming practices (including Twin Cities Public Television and thephoto-7 - Version 2 University of MN). He is well versed on the nuts and bolts of how to produce healthy food from the soil to the table and is also very well aware of the economic issues that challenge the sustainability of farms. His extensive experience and expertise provide a well-rounded perspective of the many aspects of agriculture.

lisabrownieLisa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Purdue University, is a Registered Nurse (with experience in pediatrics, neo-natal intensive care, childbirth education and pharmaceutical research) and grew up on a hobby farm. In 1986, a student at Purdue named John Mesko swept her off her feet and they’ve been having a ball ever since :)

Her interest in health care took a different turn when John and Lisa becphoto-100ame parents (of a couple of completely awesome kids :)). Her awareness of what she was feeding her family birthed an interest in preventive healthcare and its relationship to food. John and Lisa’s interests met simultaneously and complimentarily and fueled one another which is at the core of Lighthouse Farm.

© Sofia Hilder PhotographyOur daughters are young ladies now and are grateful for the experience of growing up on a farm. They know the photo-87many issues that surround each and every bite of food from the farm to the fork.

We’ve had opportunities to host a variety of folks on our farm over the years. For some, it was the first farm they’d ever been on. As a family, we each had/have enjoyed opportunities to volunteer in various capacities for 4H, church, education and the Sustainable Farming Association.

Our historic farm was homesteaded in the late 1800’s and is one of the last remaining, Hay Rideundivided homesteaded farms left in our township. The Homestead Act was a unique and historic move made in the United States by President Abraham Lincoln to encourage settlement and ownership of land.

With over 100 acres of pasture, we not only understand but are able to meet the needs and requirements for authentic, grass-based meat production. Our pasture and stored grasses (hay) for the winter consist of timothy, bromegrass, orchard grass, quack grass, clover and small amounts of various forbs.

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