John Mesko at the Seedstock conference

Crop mobbers at Lighthouse Farm


“Why should farmers get into sustainable ag? Because it’s the only type of ag that will exist in the future,” said panelist John Mesko of the Sustainable Farming Association, Seedstock Conference at UCLA

“John Mesko gives the room a stirring call to action…John’s pragmatic, passionate tone rang through the theater as the night concluded, ‘We can no longer separate what we say from what we do. We must truly make every effort to support the type of agriculture that our community wants.’ …The applause and sense of purpose was palpable. As a culture, we’re ready to align our actions with what we’ve been saying we will do. We’re ready to take action to build an agriculture that will provide farmers with a livable wage, and build local food systems that will feed us and sustain our communities.” Minnesota Premiere screening for American Meat. 

“The Mesko’s were kind enough to have us over for breakfast, another amazing farm breakfast- ham, eggs, bagels. After, John and Lisa, and their young ones Gabrielle and Sarah took us out on a tour of the farm,” Graham Meriwether, Director, Cinematographer, Producer of American Meat

American Meat is a pro-farmer look at chicken, hog and cattle production in America.”

“As a physician, it’s obvious to me – and I’m sure most of you viewing this – that the food you eat plays a major role in your health. Sadly, as a society, we’ve strayed so far from our dietary roots and become so disconnected from our food sources that our health is now in serious jeopardy.” Dr. Mercola, American Meat – an inside look at sustainable farming

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules on Oprah Winfrey and his opinions on eating meat.

Food animals get 80% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. — mostly in ways that can lead to the growth of drug-resistant superbugs. Emerging drug resistance in bacteria is one of the world’s greatest health threats, according to the CDC, the FDA, the World Health Organization, and a wide range of medical professional societies.” John’s Hopkins University also considers antibiotic use in farm animals a public safety risk. (Animals raised at Lighthouse Farm animals do not use antibiotics.)

It came upon a midnight clear on the farm (Christmas 2011 e-newsletter article)

How we cope with the winter in Minne-snow-ta (our own northern version of one of Johnny Cash’s songs)

An inspiring story about our little Haitian friend who lives in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, miraculously survived a severe congenital heart defect until finally receiving life-saving surgery in the United States, experienced the sudden death of her father just prior to her visit to the United States, made it through two open heart surgeries during her nine week stay with us, returned to Haiti and later experienced the destruction of her family’s house by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake (but survived and is doing well). We are thankful to have had the pleasure of meeting her and her sweet mother.


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