It came upon a midnight clear on the farm

It came upon a midnight clear during our first holiday season on our farm. We had a night that was so incredibly beautiful, we were inspired to take advantage of it. So, John built a little campfire in the pasture near the animals. We all bundled up, headed out and gathered around it.

The animals had that glazed over look in their eyes as they usually do when they’re chewing their cud and watched us from a distance as we sat down and got comfortable.

We sat still in the silence.

No one spoke a word.

We were in awe as we took in the beauty and stillness of that night. The night sky was clear and displayed such an incredible panoramic view of a starry host. The air smelled incredibly clean and crisp.

And it was so silent…

and still.



We couldn’t help but sing, “Silent night.”

After each of us spontaneously began singing different Christmas carols, we identified some of the constellations. Before long, we couldn’t help but notice a sound we hadn’t noticed before in the stillness of that night. “Crunch, crunch,” came from behind us. We turned around to take a look and chuckled at the sight.

 Close behind us stood the cattle. Watching us. Chewing their cud.

And the sheep. Watching us. Chewing their cud.

And the goats. Watching us. Chewing their cud.

If it hadn’t been for all of that crunch-crunch-crunching, we surely would have been able to hear the little lamb sing, “Do you hear what I hear?”

Blessings to each and every one of you from all of us at Lighthouse Farm,

John, Lisa, Gabrielle and Sarah Mesko


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