100% Grass Fed Beef

How we raise them : Our cattle are fattened on the “all-they-can-eat-grass” of our rotationally grazed pastures. They never stand knee-deep in their own waste. FB_FindUsOnFacebook-114

They have access to all the sunshine and grass they need. In the winter, they receive our own harvested hay and have access to shelter when they need it. They are also supplemented with natural minerals. Our cattle do not receive antibiotics or hormones. They don’t need them.


  • To our health: Many studies have proven the health benefits of raising ruminants on grass Not only are they lower in fat, but they provide 2-4 times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, 3-5 times the amount of conjugated linoleic acid and 4 times the amount of vitamin E than from grain-fed animals.
  • To our environment: We do not contribute to manure run off in our rivers.
  • To our taste buds : However, the taste is another benefit that needs to be addressed. It just can’t be beat! Many gourmet chefs will not serve anything but the best which is why many upscale restaurants are turning to grass-fed meat. The animals we raise are also consumed by our family. Our taste buds are accustomed to the best!

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