Who purchases from us & what are they saying?

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” ~French epicure and gastronome, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 1755-1826

The above saying is as true today as it was then! We cannot stress how important our customers are to us. For without them, we may be able to attempt to farm sustainably, but we could not come close to being sustainable economically. Because of what they eat, they choose to join the team in support of sustainable agriculture, a healthy environment and a healthier community. Many, many thanks to you for partnering with us for a noble cause!

Our customer base represents all walks of life, from children to college students to pregnant mothers to the elderly, fit-as-a-fiddle as well as overcoming chronic health issues or permanently disabled, city folks and country folks, families, singles and couples all purchase from us for a variety of reasons. Most purchase for the cause of sustainability, while others purchase for health reasons or for the taste which usually leads to an interest in the sustainability of small farms.

We’ve had chef’s use our meat for demonstrations at various events including educational Grazefest and entertaining Nature’s Nest.

The restaurants, The Local, Cooper and Kieran’s, feature our meat on their menus as Lighthouse Farm Meatloaf.

What are our customers saying about Lighthouse Farm meat?

We’ve tried grass fed meat from a number of other farms (including a large supplier of Twin Cities natural food co-ops) and yours is the best! MM, Minneapolis, MN
“We are enjoying the beef we purchased from you. Out of this world!” JD, Minneapolis, MN
“We have had a meal of steak and chops and both were out of this world. We
both agree that this is the best lamb that we have ever had. It is full of tremendous flavor along with being tender and juicy. We will recommend your produce to anyone without any apprehension.” JL, Elk River, MN
“The Summer Sausage is AWESOME!!” KM, Minneapolis, MN
“We just had some T-Bones last night, they were fabulous!” DR, Cambridge, MN
“We have truly enjoyed our meat!” AK, Ham Lake, MN
“The meat was very tender and just great.” JH, Minneapolis, MN
“I thought the bacon was out of this world!!!!! Beeler’s doesn’t even compare.” SL, Minneapolis, MN
“Your meat doesn’t smell like a barn when we cook it like the other farm meats we’ve tried. That tells us you really know what you’re doing.” TS, Princeton, MN
“So far we’ve had several steaks and they were all exceptionally tender and full of flavor; no need for any marinade or steak sauce.  The 3/4 to 1 inch pork chops are the best we’ve ever tasted; tender and juicy.  They were easy to grill and even easier to eat.  They sure beat the tough 1/2 inch thick pork chops you get in the store or restaurant.  The bacon can’t even be compared to that junk they sell in the store and try to pass off as bacon.  There’s no comparison in the flavor, texture and enjoyment. ” AL, Fayettville, NC 

“The joys of the table belong equally to all ages, conditions, countries and times; they mix with all other pleasures, and remain the last to console us for their loss.” ~Jean Antheleme Brillet-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste

Two heads are better than one. ~Proverb

Light is the task where many share the toil. ~Homer

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